Inhabitants Shipments and you can Earliest Market Feature Statement 2010 (Updated: )

The earlier censuses was basically presented during the 1970, 1980, 1991 and you may 2000. Census is a large statistical venture which had been performed when you look at the purchase to help make very helpful study for think and you can utilization of national creativity.

The brand new 2010 Population and Construction Census off Malaysia (Census 2010) try the 5th decennial census getting conducted just like the creation out of Malaysia for the 1963

Census 2010 indicated that the entire society away from Malaysia is 28.step three million, compared with 23.step 3 mil inside 2000 (Chart step 1). This provides the typical annual society rate of growth from 2.0 percent toward several months 2000-2010. The interest rate was lower to this away from 2.6 % through the 1991-2000 (Graph 2). The official toward highest growth rate for the months 2000-2010 was W. P. Putrajaya (17.8%), followed by Selangor (2.7%), Melaka (dos.6%) and you will Sabah (2.1%). One of many states hence educated all the way down growth rate was indeed Terengganu (1.4%), Perak (1.4%), W. P. Labuan (step one.3%) and you will Perlis (step one.2%).

People shipping of the county indicated that Selangor is the essential populous condition (5.46 million), with Johor (3.35 billion) and you may Sabah (3.21 mil). The populace share of these states on full population of Malaysia is actually 42.cuatro per cent. The least populated says was in fact W. P. Putrajaya (72,413) and you will W .P. Labuan (86,908).

Populace density out-of Malaysia stood at the 86 people per rectangular kilometre this season weighed against 71 persons in the 2000. Rather than the people shipping, the populace occurrence found an alternative picture. Selangor being the most populous condition was just rated 5th when you look at the regards to populace occurrence which have 674 individuals for every rectangular kilometre. One of the most heavily populated claims had been W. P. Kuala Lumpur (six,891 individuals), Pulau Pinang (step 1,490 people) and you will W. P. Putrajaya (step 1,478 people).

Guys outnumbered people into the gender ratio regarding 106 (Chart 9)

In tandem with Malaysia’s quick advancement, new ratio off metropolitan inhabitants risen to 71.0 % this season compared to 62.0 percent when you look at the 2000 (Chart 5). Apart from W. P. Kuala Lumpur and you can W. P. Putrajaya which have 100 % top in the urbanisation, another states with a high number of urbanisation had been Selangor and you will Pulau Pinang that have 91.cuatro percent and you will ninety.8 percent correspondingly (Chart six). Conversely, this new says that have straight down urbanisation membership was Kelantan (42.4%), Pahang (50.5%) and you may Perlis (51.4%).

The society are twenty-eight.step 3 billion from which 91.8 % had been Malaysian people and you can 8.dos per cent was basically low-citizens. Malaysian people include the fresh new ethnic communities Bumiputera (67.4%), Chinese (twenty four.6%), Indians (seven.3%) while others (0.7%).

Among Malaysian citizens, this new Malays try the commonplace ethnic group into the Peninsular Malaysia which constituted 63.1 %. The latest Ibans constituted 30.step 3 % of one’s full people within the Sarawak while you are Kadazan/Dusun comprised twenty four.5 per cent for the Sabah.

Brand new ratio of your own society regarding Malaysia beneath the ages of fifteen years diminished so you can twenty-seven.six percent in contrast to 33.step 3 % inside the 2000. Alternatively, the latest proportion in the office ages people (fifteen to 64 ages) increased to 67.step three per cent off 62.8 percent. The newest proportion out-of society old 65 ages as well as over also enhanced in order to 5.step one per cent as compared with step three.9 per cent within the 2000. Therefore, brand new median age increased out-of 23.6 years into the 2000 in order to 26.two years this season, because reliance proportion decrease off 59.dos percent to help you forty eight.5 percent. The fresh pattern of those signs is in range for the change of age build for the ageing population of Malaysia.

Similar development are found in seasons 2000 (104). The brand new proportion of men so you’re able to females try apparently highest to own Pahang (113), Johor (112), Negeri Sembilan (107), Sabah (107), Selangor (107), W. P. Labuan (107) and you may Sarawak (106). Concurrently, men was basically outnumbered of the ladies in W. P. Putrajaya (89) and Perlis (97) because found from inside the Chart ten.

In 2010, people aged 15 years and over who were never ever hitched were thirty-five.step one per cent if you find yourself people who was basically partnered was in fact 59.six per cent. The latest proportion of males who had been never ever partnered (37.8%) try slightly more than female (thirty-two.2%). But not, the proportions of men and women who have been hitched was indeed almost comparable from the 59.8 per cent and you will 59.cuatro per cent correspondingly.

The fresh new mean age to start with relationships for males . Inversely, the age for women flower to help you twenty-five.7 decades in contrast to twenty-five.step one years into the 2000.

Islam is actually the absolute most extensively professed faith inside the Malaysia towards proportion out-of 61.step 3 percent. Since the a multiple-racial country, most other religions embraced was indeed Buddhism (19.8%), Christianity (9.2%) and you will Hinduism (six.3%).